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We had an awesome travel experience with them in 2016 for our 7 day tour through Canada. But in 2018 when we did a 10 day tour from Las Vegas to California, the tour was TERRIBLE.

The bus got into a tiny scrape and after that was resolved the bus broke down and we waited for 6 hours before another bus arrived and it only arrived because the tour guide knew a friend of his who was finishing up a tour and he would be available because the tour company would not respond to him. When we got to Los Angeles, we spent a day with another tour guide named Alice and she was AWFUL. She refused to address my husband and I and dismissed us by putting us in the back of the bus, refused to take money from my hand or my husband and asked for us to pass the money to persons sitting in front of us as she didn't want to touch us. There was one time I asked her for directions and she asked me if I couldn't read for myself and walked off.

Being in a different country from your own can be scary and After all of the issues including the bus getting into an accident and breaking down the best refund they could give was $36 TOTAL. I moved to other tour companies since then and the difference is SO HUGE, that I HAD TO WRITE THIS REVIEW.

Tours 4 Fun needs to do better. Their website is also misleading as they have the tours listed as 5 STAR tours with 0 Reviews!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tours4fun 10 Day Antelope Canyon And San Francisco Bus Tour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Tours4Fun Pros: Affordable, Lots of variety.

Tours4Fun Cons: Too rigid, Prejudice, Unfriendly, Dishonest on website, Do not respond to calls and messages.

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